Solar nights – Montrésor

La Bihourderie evening show montrésor village nuits solaires

Visit the beautiful village of Montrésor at night listening to some street theatre. The village and the banks of the Indrois river are lit up. Shows every evening from 22:00 to midnight.

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The Prophecy of Amboise

La Bihourderie evening show prophétie d'amboise

A “Sound and Light” show with more than 250 people on stage telling the story of Louise of Savoy who is looking out for her nephew who has been promised a royal destiny.

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La Scénoféerie – Semblançay

La Bihourderie Semblancay evening show

Relive 2000 years of history told by two storytellers, Honoré Pottier and his grandson Benjamin, in the park of Jacques de Beaune, Superintendent of the finances of Francis I.

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