Beauval Zoo

One of the best zoos in the world…and it is only a 35 minute drive away!

Classed as one of the 5 most beautiful zoological parks in the world, Beauval is home to over 600 different species and close to 10 000 animals, including a family of giant pandas, the only ones in France!

Beauval is renown worldwide for its work in preserving endangered species. With the number of births increasing each year (600 on average) Beauval is the largest zoological maternity unit in France. In 2017 Beauval welcomed a baby giant panda!

Beauval continually seeks to surprise its visitors with new facilities, new shows and animals.

In 2016, the zoo inaugurated the Hippopotomus Reserve (la Réserve des Hippopotames), a unique area and building equipped with a 44 m long window offering an incredible underwater view of the hippos.

In 2017 the zoo opened the Land of the Lions (la Terre des Lions). In a totally new extension of the zoo ten majestic African lions reign over their new territory.  A tunnel opens out into their kingdom allowing visitors to meet them face to face.

In 2018 the park created a new territory of 6,000 m2 where 6 beautiful cheetahs took possession of the place. They can be observed via a footbridge overlooking the whole of this space, or in their house through windows. An African hut allows you to see them in the middle of their immense playground with a 360 ° panoramic view!

We advise you to allow a whole day to visit the park. It is also possible to purchase 2-day tickets.